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Investing in email marketing has become a smart move to cross the baseline of an individual brand, that is the profit margin. But, the question is: What exactly does an email marketing services company do? To elaborate in a few simple words, we can say that the primary job of an email marketing services agency is to elevate one's brand by distributing content about the brand amongst every email user, who has provided the brand with their email IDs. These contents include promotional emails, weekly or monthly newsletters and many more to keep the customer engaged or to retain them so they will buy your products or services in the future.

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With Digital expert solutions as your email marketing services provider, you can save time as well as resources as our experts Build, develop, launch and manage a custom email marketing strategy for your company. Through the diverse array of Email marketing strategies, we will come up with an effective strategy that will fulfil your brand's requirements to go on the top.

You must be wondering why I have to make an investment in email marketing when there are plenty of widely used popular social media platforms where I can easily promote my brand and make announcements of new products or services. Well, there are approximately 3.9 billion people from all over the world, who use Email to communicate with each other and half of those users have more than a single email account. If we include all those mail ids it will easily cross the total population of the world at present. And not to mention that there have been no other platforms that have succeeded in covering this variable, Not even Facebook or Instagram. So, you should definitely opt for an email marketing strategy to grow your brand. Here are other facts that will definitely convince you to go for it.

So, according to various research, the facts that have been surfacing are, that approximately 66% of email subscribers prefer to get various marketing emails every week as well as 83% of customers spends more on a brand that has sent emails regarding the promotion of a product or services or they have come to know about a newly established brand through the emails.

Marketers have also reported receiving 3,600% ROI Or $38 for every dollar invested in an email marketing campaign. So, it is evident that email marketing strategy provides an impressive opportunity to reach targeted customers and it also helps to increase More revenue growth. Another interesting fact is that 44% of users check their emails for brand promotion whereas only a fragment of 4% of users goes to social media to look for brand promotion or announcements about new products or services. So, what are you waiting for? It's just the peak of the iceberg, wherein you can find a surprising plethora of opportunities through investing in email marketing strategy, with an effective strategy in your arsenal you are closer to driving more Conversion than ever before.

Email marketing services provider:

Digital expert Solutions as your email marketing service provider will assist you to build long term customer loyalty. In order to build such a relationship, it will require regular brand interaction. It will increase the loyalty of the customers, eventually elevating your sales.

We will also help you to reach your brand expectations as well as goals by Expanding your Business reach. It is evident that email marketing strategies are far more superior to the traditional marketing strategy when it comes to incurring more revenue. Records show that 72% of users open their Inboxes 6 times a day, our expert email marketing specialist will help you to reach your targeted audience by complying with the can-spam act.

We will also help you to connect with Versatile audiences. We can see that a traditional marketing strategy only focuses on reaching more leads. And sometimes these leads don't convert to potential customers at all, as it has been reaching the wrong audience. But with email marketing, you can reach only the targeted users who have the potential to change into valuable customers. In that case, we help you to reach more potential leads to whom you can offer unique discounts, personalized messages to make the user feel valued which eventually turns them into your brand's customers. With our help instead of putting your effort into a single campaign, you can reach out to versatile audiences.

If you are looking to drive the growth of your brand, we can help.

Email Marketing FAQs?

In order to make an Awesome Email Campaign :
  • Put yourself in shoes of buyer persona
  • Determine timeline to run the campaign
  • Follow up the plan of your Email
  • Write informative and worthy subjects to get the number of clicks to open that
  • Create your Asset of Brand
Here are the essential components of Email Marketing. From “Label” of company and important Subject line, preheat or snippet, Content Call to action, and footer and content information and social media links. Your CRM : Customer Relationship Management system organizes that management of your marketing initiative and sales.
ESP known as Email Service Provider is an acronym for service which enables marketers to send Email campaigns to a list of users. ESP hosts all email such as mail chimp and builds the best template and maintains your Email list and creates an automated workflow.
Email Marketing helps you to contact your audience, Reach customers in the meantime, People Engage with Mails, Email Marketing gives you result driven profit and the results of marketing plan are easy to measure. Personal channels of communication impact more to increase your business and get the maximum number of customers to you.
Digital Expert Solution helps to build a list legitimately with people that want to be there, Create quality content, Email list your consistently while providing value. And we give our full potential to push your sales and leads graph for a profitable business.
You should take care of the number of mails in a month. There is the standard for industry changes. However for most of the Ecommerce business you should not send more than 6 mails in a month.
The process is too long to explain, But if you want to get the information about step by step procedure Email Marketing then chat with us to know more about it